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Revenue & Cost Cycle Improvement

Healthcare revenue management has become more complicated with ever-changing payer contracts, several payment models, and an increase in self-payment. CASTA analyzes two main functions called front and back end in the revenue cycle. CASTA focuses on patient-facing areas in the front end, while reviewing the claim & denial management system, billing, and collection mechanism in the back end. CASTA improves revenue cycle management with a fact-based approach by leveraging data and technology to pinpoint inefficiencies. 


CASTA studies the payment systems in a highly comprehensive manner in the local markets of its clients and offers innovative advisory services through its unique solutions concerning the most optimum and tailor-made payment models so that the system would function significantly better.


In a challenging healthcare market, organizations seek to improve their margins by taking cost-cutting approach. CASTA recognizes all critical cost items and develops a transformation plan to cost reduction by taking into consideration the organization’s position, culture, ability degree, and future strategic plans.  


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